School Management Committee 


The School Management Committee was set up in September 1999. It comprises nine members: a Principal Education Officer (Education Bureau), the Principal, two persons from outside, two parent representatives, a representative from the Old Students Association and two teacher representatives. The aim of establishing the School Management Committee is to ensure good school management, to formulate objectives of running the school, to monitor and evaluate progress towards attainment of the objectives , and to monitor the financial situation of the school.

The School Management Committee holds at least three meetings each year to ensure that the school formulates fair, transparent and formal institutions and procedures, and that the school sets up perfect communication channels to promote its communication with parents and the general public.

Members of the 2015-2016 School Management Committee:

Chairperson: Mr. NG Ka-shing, Joe
(PEO (CD) 1, EDB)
Members: Ms. YAN Kin-foon, Alice (Head of School)
  Mr. LO Wai-yan (Vice principal)
  Mr. CHOW Kan-hung (Vice principal)
  Mr. LI Yat-chuen (Independent Member)
  Mr. Waise K. W. LAI (Independent Member)
  Mr. MAN Lim-pak, Jacky (Parent Member)
  Mr. WONG Wai-lun(Parent Member)
  Mr. CHAN Muk-choi (Teacher Member)
Mr. CHAN Man-yiu (Teacher Member)
  Mr. WONG Koon-ho (Alumni Member)

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