Parent-Teacher Association 


Set up in 1994, the objective of the Parent-Teacher Association is to strengthen the links between the school and families of students, to promote friendship between parents and teachers and to discuss their mutual concerns, with a view to improving the facilities of the school through concerted efforts. The PTA activities include regular seminars and discussions, parent-child interest groups and various other gatherings. The PTA has set up scholarships and service medals as commendations for students. In addition, many parents have enthusiastically offered themselves as volunteers to help with library work and to act as instructors for interest groups.

The 2015-2016 Executive Committee:

Mr. WONG Wai-lun


Vice-chairman Mr. MAN Lim-pak, Jacky
Treasurer Mrs. CHEN WONG Chau-man
Welfare Mrs. NG WONG Lin-yee
Publication Mrs. CHIM LAM Sui-ching
Recreation Mrs. WONG HSU So-hing
Contact person Mrs. LO NG Man-sum
PTA Constitution

Address: 2 KING YIN LANE, TSEUNG KWAN O, NEW TERRITORIES E-mail: Telephone: 2704 0051 Fax: 2704 0777