Trip to Jiangxi

Trip to Jiangxi
Date : 31/10/2017-3/11/2017
Level: S1-S3
Number of participants: 40

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Study Trip to England 2017

27 of S1 to S5 students went on an overseas study trip to England from 28 June to 14 July 2017 with the objectives to be immersed in an English-speaking environment, to broaden their horizons and to experience different cultures.

For the 17 days in England, the students stayed at Brunel University London at Uxbridge of West London. Ardmore Language School (Brunel) was commissioned to offer them a learning programme consisted of structured language classes & activities, excursions and hostel life.
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***Learning Takes Place Everywhere, at Anytime***

Structured Language Classes & Activities
Language Classes
They had language classes almost every weekday. The students were streamed after taking a placement test into different classes suitable for their levels and needs. They then had language lessons and did project work with students from different countries (including Italy, Brazil, Morocco, Ukraine & Spain, etc.). Through doing projects and interacting with the students from other countries, their horizons were widened and had better understanding of the cultures, lifestyles & outlooks of people from other countries.
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Since the teachers and activity leaders were also from different countries, our students had a lot of opportunities to communicate with other people using their common language, English.
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Activity Classes
Activity classes were arranged for the students every day. They did sports, art & craft or played games with other overseas students.
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Excursions and Cultural visits
The excursions and visits to places of interest around London allowed the students to visually experience architectural features of the historic buildings and to learn the history and culture of England in a more enjoyable way than learning in a classroom.
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Hostel Life
For all of them, it was the first time they were away from home and without their parents around for more than 2 weeks. The hostel life offered them valuable learning experiences and opportunities to be more independent. They were required to take care of themselves, e.g. tidying up their own rooms, doing their own laundry, managing their schedule of sleep and rise, and taking care of their own personal belongings.
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During these 17 days, the students developed great friendship with the students, teachers and activity leaders from other countries whom they still keep in touch with.
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The relationship and bondage among the 27 of them have been strengthened. They not only studied, ate and played together, they shared what they had, supported and watched each other’s back throughout the trip.
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2017 西貢區中學巡禮

Title : 2017 西貢區中學巡禮
Date : 14/10/2016
Venue : Tseung Kwan O Government Secondary School
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Mock HKDSE Result Release

Our school co-organised the Mock HKDSE Result Release for S6 students on 18th October, 2017 with Kowloon Technical School.

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CV and Interview Skills Workshop

The Lions Club of Hong Kong Citizens organised a CV and Interview Skills Workshop for our S4-S5 students on 16th October, 2017.

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SA Election 17-18

The elections for the new Student Association of this academic year was successfully held in the school hall on 6th October. This year, there were two cabinets, Eternity and Narnia. From September to October 2017, the two cabinets have spared no effort to launch their promotion campaigns including posting their attractive promotional materials and banners, shouting out the promotion slogans and showing their promotion videos in morning assemblies. The school was enveloped with a strong election atmosphere.

During the pre-election forum, the two cabinets were well-prepared and responded with skills and finesse to the challenging questions raised by their opponents and audience.

In the election, each student was given a vote allowing them to select the cabinet they supported. This fully exhibited the democratic system in our school. Eventually, Eternity won the election with 305 votes, taking on the responsibility of serving our students in the new academic year.

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Exhibition at Po Lam MTR station

The VA Department is exhibiting the drawings of our S1 students at Po Lam MTR station from 1/10 to 31/10. All are welcome to pay a visit.

Fine Art Asia 2017

Title:Visit to Fine Art Asia 2017
Venue:Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Participants : S4 VA students











English Assembly-Interviewing new teachers

Our new teachers were interviewed by the English Ambassadors in the two English Assemblies on 20th September and 29th September. This provided an opportunity for the English Ambassadors to practise their English and at the same time allowed our students to know the new teachers better.

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New Citizen Career Day - Experiencing Your Dream (12 September, 2017 )

The Lions Club of Hong Kong Citizens organised the New Citizen Career Day on the theme of Experiencing Your Dream for our S4-S5 students on 12th September, 2017. They invited 24 volunteers to share with our students the process of their subject selection and job seeking, work and life experiences.

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Title : 硬筆書法班
Date : 12/09/2017
Venue : Tseung Kwan O Government Secondary School
Participants : related students
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