English Club Activities
A variety of activities will be held by our English Club throughout the year to provide our students with a language-rich environment and to use English purposefully outside class.


S1 Dictionary Competition (17 th October, 2013)

The English Club organized a Dictionary Competition for S1 students on 17 October, 2013 in order to help them put the dictionary skills that they acquired through the S1 Bridging Course into practice. The students had to look up the words from the dictionary in order to win the competition. The questions were set in line with the New Senior Secondary syllabus. Another purpose of the competition was to give the students practice in answering questions in the NSS format. The winners were:
1C Chan Wan Sum
1D Chong Ming Wai
1D Lam Mei Yan
1D Yung Tsz Kit
1E Sin Ka Wing
Congratulations to the above students!

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The Inter-house English Musical Contest 2013

The Inter-house English Musical Contest 2013 was co-organised by the English Club and the Liberal Studies Department on 4th July, 2013. The theme of the musical was "Enhancing the quality of life of students", which is a major concern of the school.
Though this activity, the participants had an opportunity to apply their singing, dancing and acting talents. Not only could the participants benefit from the activity, but the audience could also learn from increased exposure to English in a real-life situation. Now, let¡¦s see some of the remarkable scenes of the competition.

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S1 Teacher Interview

The S1 Teacher Interview was held from 6th November, 2012 to 13th December, 2012. It provided the opportunity for S.1 students to practise English and at the same time get to know the teachers in the school. Students worked in groups to prepare interview questions based on the theme of ¡§Enhancing the Quality of Life of Students¡¨, conduct interviews and write a personal profile of the teachers interviewed.

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S3 Advertising Competition (23 April, 2013)

The S3 Advertising Competition was held on 23 April, 2013. Our Form 3 classes created some original advertisements promoting products related to the theme of career.
The item that each class promoted was as follows:
3A Hiring a master for chopping chicken
3B Game player/ youtuber
3C A domestic helper
3D Food commentary writer
3E A personal security guard

1-2 The Mistresses of Ceremonies (MCs) introduced the rules, regulations and the adjudicators of the competition
3-9 3A: They were promoting the job of a super master at chopping cooked chicken by rewriting a well-known story, Snow White.
10-16 3B: Through the drama, people learnt more about the jobs of a game player and youtuber. A game player is a person who sells famous games to people and tell people how they can pass the game. They also can earn money through some online game competitions. Youtuber is a person who creates some videos on Youtube so as to earn money.
17-23 3C: Employing a domestic helper to take care of the children or the elderly is quite common in Hong Kong. 3C students plays a short drama to bring out why people need a maid to help.
24-33 3D: There are thousands of restaurants serving different cuisines in Hong Kong. People may read the food commentary in the magazines for a reference, thus this job has emerged. The writer rates the restaurants based on the food quality, environment, service and even price.
34-39 3E: Do you want to employ a personal security guard? What criteria for this security guard should these be? Should he be handsome? There is a wealthy woman looking for a security guard with some special requirements in 3E¡¦s play.
Judge-1-2 While our S3 students enjoyed themselves, our adjudicators, Ms Chan and Ms Yuen, found it very difficult to judge the winners as all classes performed very well. Ms Chan also gave students some useful comments.
Prize-1-3 The happiest moment ¡V the prize winners with the judges
Best Script -3E
Best Performer -3E (12) LAU SUET MAN
Best Overall Performance -3A

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