English Club Activities
A variety of activities will be held by our English Club throughout the year to provide our students with a language-rich environment and to use English purposefully outside class.


S1 Dictionary Competition

The aim of this activity is to allow S1 students to put essential dictionary skills that they acquired in the S1 Orientation into practice. Each S1 student was given a set of questions ranging from finding the plural form of words, matching for words of multiple meanings and parts of speech.

S1 Teacher Interview

The activity provides the opportunity for S1 students to practise English (in particular oral skills and question formation skill) and at the same time allowing them to know the teachers in the school. Students worked in groups to prepare interview questions based on the theme of ˇ§Developing positive attitudes and a sense of responsibilityˇ¨ (aligning with the schoolˇ¦s Major Concern), conduct an interview and write up a report on the interview. The finished write-ups would be displayed to be read by the teachers and students.

S2 Readersˇ¦ Theatre

All S2 students are given training to interpret a one-act play script and to explore skills in vocal control to ˇ§actˇ¨ the play out orally.

S3 Inter-class Drama Competition

With the view of tying with the major concern of the school this year, ˇ§Positive attitudes and valuesˇ¨ has been selected as the theme of the drama competition. Each S3 class has to produce a drama pertinent to the theme. The aims are to explore their creativity, language skills and to expose them to drama performance experience. The classes are expected to write their own scripts, prepare props, costumes and suitable background music and sound effects for stage performance.

S5 Inter-class Musical Competition

This competition is co-organized by the English Club, the Liberal Studies Department and Life Education Team. Through this activity, the S5 classes are given the opportunity to apply their singing, dancing and acting talents to create an English Musical.