List of Subject Panel Heads

Subject Department Head of Department
Biology Mr. S.H. FAN
Business, Accounting and Financial Studies Mr. L. LI
Chemistry Ms. W.W. KWOK
Chinese History Mr. M.Y. CHAN
Chinese Language Ms. M.W. CHEUNG
Chinese Language Mr. C.L. IP (Deputy i/c, Junior Form HOD)
Computer Literacy & Information and Communication Technology Mr. K.H. FUNG
Design and Technology+STEAM+AI+Coding Mr. K.M. LIU
Economics Ms. S.W. LO
English Language Ms. T.Y. LEUNG
English Language Ms. W. C. LEE (Deputy i/c, Junior Form HOD)
Geography Mr. C. WING
History Mr. K.H. CHAN
Home Economics Ms. M.L. NG
Science Mr. H.N. CHAN
Life and Society Mr. M.K. YUNG
Citizenship and Social Development Mr. M.K. YUNG
Mathematics Ms. Y.Y. CHOW
Mathematics Mr. T. Y. TSANG (Deputy i/c, Junior Form HOD)
Mathematics Extended Part (Module 2) Mr. T.Y. TSANG
Music Mr. C.Y. NG
Physical Education Mr. W.K. LEE
Physics Ms. Y.Y. HWONG
Putonghua Ms. S.W. YUNG
Tourism and Hospitality Studies Ms. K.K. LAM
Visual Arts Ms. C.Y. WONG
Other Learning Experience Ms. C.Y. WONG